“Big Ideas require Big Budgets! Where do I get the money for that?”

A Guide to Current Funding Opportunities for your Business Ideas

So here we are already one quarter in to the new year and perhaps your well intention’d ‘New Years Resolutions’ are beginning to show signs of fragility. It’s one thing to come up with a big new business idea to finally set you on the path to financial independence and business success. But it’s another thing, to actually see it through to fulfillment. Often one of the biggest reasons for business failure is a lack of funds at the early stages. We’ll this handy guide will set you in the right direction of where to look to find funding opportunities to help get your business idea off the ground.

At Catalyst Accountants, we’re all about helping people to achieve their business goals and see success; that’s why one of our bold ideas is to help our clients achieve 1000 goals by 2020. (You can read more about that and track our progress here http://www.catalystaccountants.com.au/business-goals).

It’s taken a lot of planning and strategising, but we’re well on track to achieving our big goal, and now we want to help you with yours.

So you’ve got your big idea, but you’ve also got a few obstacles in your way…

Finding the cash required to get an idea up and running is often the biggest challenge a start-up idea will face, and many ideas will never come to fruition because of a lack of funding.

But what a lot of big thinkers and idea generators are unaware of is the huge list of federal and state government grants available to offset the costs of starting a business or getting an idea off the ground.

For example in the agribusiness and food sector alone there are more than 10 separate categories of grants and funding assistance available, offering anywhere from $10,000 to $1.5 million in funding.

Starting to feel a bit more positive about the prospect of getting your idea funded? Check out the links below to read more about all of the government assistance programs that could be accessible for your big idea:

 Thanks to RDA Riverina Murray for these helpful links.

Don’t forget, the team at Catalyst Accountants are here to help you make your big ideas a success. If you’re unsure what grant is right for you, or you simply don’t know where to start in getting your idea off the ground, talk to our team today.