Here’s 5 are easy strategies to see results today

So the year is flying by already, and if you joined last quarter’s Proactive Ponder, you have likely hit the year with some fresh energy and resolve to make things happen!

But life also happens.

The demands and routine of the everyday humdrum have already set in, time is slipping through your hands, and suddenly those goals are seeming a bit out of reach.

Sound familiar?

If so, it’s not too late – and you’re in the right place.

If you’re feeling discouraged about your lack of progress, or perhaps a setback or two has come your way, it can only mean one thing – you’re human. Yes, we all feel it. But now the dust of the new year has settled, it’s time to take a considered look over your goals, and more importantly – work out how to take your next step.

In truth, most of us have a bit of a ‘love/hate’ relationship with our goals. We love to dream them up, but we hate it when things go wrong. One simple way to find love again is the NOW / WHERE / HOW method. It’s a quick and easy way to develop a Strategic One Page Plan to realise your goals – and you can use our free template right here to make it happen today.

Here’s how it works:
Now, Where, Ho

Where are you NOW?

You just need to be real and own it. Like any relationship, in order to move forward with your goals, it’s important to take stock and acknowledge where you’re at – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Use bullet points, and be concise so you have clarity. Consider aspects of effectiveness, performance, conversions – whatever related to the measurable aspects of your goal.

Once you’re real with yourself, make sure you get real with someone else. We believe that bringing someone alongside you in the goal setting journey is an easy and effective way of seeing results. This way you not only have someone who will help keep you accountable, but you have someone who will point out and celebrate your wins, and even see the wins when you can’t.

WHERE do you want to be?

This is where you think about the future. Where do you want to be? It could be anything from targets to sales goals or performance drivers – whatever you can measure or use as a KPI.

There are different types of goal setting – SMART goals, CLEAR goals – check out more about these here. There’s no correct way to ‘do’ goals – it just matters that you’re making goal setting work for you. If you’ve already articulated your goal, write it down in this section of the template.

HOW will you get there?

It’s time to put the legs on your Strategic One Page Plan. Consider strategies that will bridge the gap between NOW and WHERE. From those strategies, what specific actions will move you forward? Who will be responsible for these? And when will they be completed?

Keep moving forward…

If you’re in a funk with your goals, this can often be the biggest hurdle. So don’t get stuck before you even start – here’s our five easy strategies to there is some practical guidance when it comes to realising your goals:

It’s a date:
In any relationship, going on a date is generally the first step. No, we’re not talking about a romantic dinner for two… you need to make a date with your goal! Most of us never see progress because after we’ve spent the time articulating our goals and strategies, we don’t actually set a date for our action plan!

So don’t be afraid – go so far as to put your action plan dates in your calendar. You’ll have more success if you do, and you’ll thank yourself when you see the results.

Too many loves:
No judging, but if you’re two-timing your date, chances are pretty high you’re headed for a relationship fail. A lot of us make the same mistake with our goals – we try and spread ourselves too thin across many tasks, goals, and objectives. Then we fail to see progress because we haven’t prioritised.

Multitasking is a myth. Focus on one goal or priority at a time. You’ll quickly notice your time is being used more efficiently, and you’re seeing early results. Check out our Super Simple Management Plan to see how it’s done.
Go back to where it all began:
We all know a bit of nostalgia can put the fire back in any relationship. So If you’ve already fallen off the goals wagon, it’s ok. It’s better to fall off and get back on again, rather than let one hitch take you off track altogether. The key is not to let a setback steal away your momentum.

It could be helpful to go back to the start – revisit your strategic plan. If one action plan or strategy hasn’t worked, take some time back at the drawing board to think of other strategies. This can also be an important time for a check-in with someone else regarding your progress or strategies, to help shift your focus and gather momentum again.

We should break up:
Not a great relationship tactic, but in order to move forward you should break up your goals.

If you want to see action, break up your goal into smaller, achievable tasks, or strategies. Use your strategies to generate action plans. Before you know it, you have a plan and progress is inevitable. Keep it simple and realistic – even if you’re aiming for the stars you have to get there one step at a time.

Don’t do long distance:
If you can physically see your goal, or have a visual reminder of your next step, it will be easier to remain focussed, and your chances of seeing more results (faster) are improved.

Try post-it notes, use your phone reminders, or keep it simple with a list that stays open in your workspace. If you’re finding other distractions are sucking away your precious time (ahem, Facebook!), try setting restrictions on your social media phone apps, to help remind you to keep focussed and on task.

Have you got a strategy?

Ok, so goals are a little different to relationships! But either way, you still have to keep the love alive.

These practical strategies will keep you on track towards your business dreams, and help you move forward towards your next goal.

And remember, our mission is to help our clients achieve over 1,000 business and personal goals. So if you want to put the wind back in the sails of your goals journey, we’re here to help. Get in touch today, and don’t forget about our ‘Free 10 Minute Q&A Call’ – book online today.