Mythbusting Goals:

Exploring different types of goal setting and how to make goal setting work for you – not the other way around!

Well, it’s that time of year again (although here we can hardly believe it!). December is fast approaching and naturally, our minds turn to the year ahead, and looking back on the year that was.  It’s an exciting time of the year for us, because it’s a great time to talk about something very near and dear to our heart – goal setting!

We know what you’re thinking though – “goals…ugh”. For some of us, goals are a way to get clarity and motivation for the journey ahead. For others of us however, just the thought of goals can be a reminder of past disappointments – or even feel like a bit of a buzzkill for your business and personal mojo. In fact, one budding business owner when asked about goals had this to say, “Having a goal is like dangling a carrot in front of me…but I just don’t like carrots!”

We’re on a mission to help our clients achieve 1000 business and personal goals by 2020. So this is why we’re changing the conversation around goals and goal setting to be something that everyone, no matter how you feel about goals, can find a way forward. We’re here to help, and we can do it in a way that suits you, your business, and your finances.

So to start with, let’s do some mythbusting around goals:


Firstly, let’s get back to basics. The conversation about goals isn’t really about goals. It’s about you. And why is an accountant even interested in your goals? Well it’s because it’s all about having a right focus on your business and your finances. So as we near the end of the year, let’s not call it a chat about goals, let’s call it a chat about your business.

Here’s a question to consider: How is your business performing?

Are you struggling around communications? Maybe you just can’t find your focus moving forward, or there are too many areas or tasks constantly demanding your attention? Perhaps it seems like you can’t nail down a clear plan of attack? Or maybe you don’t have a way of tracking your progress – so you really can’t answer that question in the first place…

If this sounds like you, then all is not lost. Now is the perfect time to bridge the gap so that you can start answering this question with certainty and focus…not just ticking goals off for the sake of goals.



The trick to understand is that goals are not universal. There is no correct way to ‘do’ goals.

Life takes unexpected twists and turns, so our goals need to be flexible in order to work realistically. So let’s break the mindset that goals have to be stringent, super-structured and (frankly) suffocating!

You can have your goals as structured as you like – take the SMART goals method for example – if that works for you, go for it! But if you feel suffocated by super-specific goals, there are other types of goal setting – like CLEAR goals. Create yourself a target range, not a bullseye. Getting your arrow on the board is still pretty darn great, and it gives you a focus to help you make decisions and keep you moving in the right direction.



Just…no, you can’t.

The one universal aspect of goal setting is that we need to put our goal ‘out there’.

Whether your goal is flexible or watertight, or somewhere in between, the one thing that keeps our goal viable is having someone who can walk with us. How you walk it out is unique to you – getting it out there is something everyone needs to do. And that’s where we come in.

No matter where your business is at, our mission remains the same. If your thoughts are turning to next year, then it’s time to put your goal out there! And don’t forget about our ‘Free 10 Minute Q&A Call’ – book online today and ask any question you like.